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Video Compression Technology

KT-Tech has developed a high quality, low bit-rate, symmetric and real-time video codec suitable for Internet and wireless on-demand streaming and conferencing. "Symmetric" means that encoding the video is as fast as decoding. In other words, any computer, PDA, or wireless device that can display the video can also encode the video, in software and in real-time.

In contrast, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, Windows Media, Real Video, and QuickTime are "asymmetric" CODECs - that is, they take much longer to encode than to decode and are designed for "Store and Forward" applications. They are not suitable for real-time viewing and conferencing.

For example, MPEG-4 can take up to 10 seconds to compress one frame of video on a 2 GHz Pentium-IV (non-hardware assisted).

KT-Tech's video codec can compress one frame of video in .03 seconds on a Pentium IV (non-hardware assisted).

This makes KT-Tech's algorithm outstanding for real-time, 2-way video conferencing.

Super Small and Super Fast in Software

KT-Video Software takes up less than 85KB on the PC (both encoder and decoder, each<85KB) compared to 13 MB for Microsoft Windows Media (that is, KT-Tech's Video Decoder/Viewer is less than 0.7% of the size of Windows Media)

KT-Video offers TRUE Real-time 2-way communication via symmetric Encoder/Decoder (up to 10 times faster encoding than Windows Media, or MPEG-4).

Seeing is Believing: We can demonstrate KT-Video's robust performance over the internet and wireless networks on existing equipment!

KT-Tech’s Breakthrough Real-Time Video/Audio Demo on a Samsung i700 Pocket PC/Cell Phone Over Verizon’s 2.5G Cell Network. Shown Here Providing 4 Frames per Second (FPS) at 22 to 26kbps in QCIF. (KT-Video Can Scale Up to 30 fps Depending on Video Quality Desired for Target Application at Available Bandwidth)

The above is an example of the KT-V2OIP(Video and Voice Over Internet Protocol) operating over a wireless cellular network.

KT-V2OIP(Video and Voice Over Internet Protocol)

Advantages of KT-Video:

Industry's 1st Real-Time Narrow Band Peer-to-Peer Video and Audio Compression System in Pure Software

Small size/Thin Client Feature: 85 KB Compression Engine and 80 KB Viewer

Designed for Real-Time Audio and Video Communication Between Cell Phones- But Smoothly Scales to Available Bandwidths, from Narrowband (Dial-up/Wireless) up to Broadband

Compresses a Frame of Video in 0.1 Seconds on a 800 MHz Pentium III CPU

Requires Only 33 Kbps Bandwidth to Establish a 2-Way VTC

Allows Quality Video to be Delivered Over Narrow Bandwidth Networks

Fast, High-Quality, Real-Time Video/Audio Compression

Visibly superior to MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 at bandwidths below 128 Kbps (DSL,Dial-up, Wireless bitrates)

KT-Video requires half the bandwidth of MPEG-2 for similar quality video

Contact KT-Tech if interested in Viewing Demonstrations

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