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Audio Compression Technology

Seeing is Believing:We can demonstrate the robust performance of KT-Tech's Technologies over the internet and wireless networks on existing equipment!

Advantages and Benefits of KT-Tech's Breakthrough Technologies

KT-Tech's recently patented technology uses unique software-defined compression techniques to provide fastest downloads, highest processing speeds, and highest quality images and video/audio on currently installed equipment over available bandwidth.

KT-Tech's technology can also slash image and video storage and transmission costs by 75% or more without sacrificing quality. KT-Tech's software is compact and efficient - each executable takes up less than 100KB of space and can be run on any processor that has a speed of 133 MHz or better (includes Pentium 2, 3, 4 and low-power PDA processors).

KT-Tech's software runs on any PC (laptop, tablet, or desktop), and currently on any Pocket PC handheld PDA, over available bandwidth (radio frequency (RF), cellphone, dial-up, WiFi, DSL, cable, T1 or above) with no need for additional software or expensive hardware.

KT-Tech's next generation Video-and- Voice Over IP (KT-V2OIP)© provides inexpensive, high quality, two-way video communication in real-time (approximately 0.1second lag time - compared to competitors' 2 to 20 second delay). This means that everyone including teenagers, mobile business, emergency personnel such as First Responders, medical and essential infrastructure maintenance and repair personnel can communicate with each other with video to and from the field to headquarters, command centers, and remote centers of expertise over DSL, dial-up and/or cellphone networks.

Using KT-Tech's easily installed software, consumers can communicate with video and Voice-Over IP directly with each other over the Internet and/or wireless broadband or cellphone networks using their current PCs or PDAs without any hardware upgrades.

KT-Tech's technology will enable high-quality video to the 90% of the public with internet access only through ordinary telephone lines or wireless connections.
KT-Tech's technology also will enable real-time video surveillance running on low-powered microprocessors over severely restricted bandwidth (less than 1/6th the bandwidth of dial-up Internet connections). This allows the use of multiple, low cost, battery powered, wireless security camera/transmitters in the many locations where access to wired electric power and phone lines is impractical or impossible.

KT-Tech's audio compression provides high quality, full frequency (not limited to voice only) sound which outperforms MP3, Windows Media, and Real One and provides superior Voice-Over IP for wireless and real-time applications

KT-Tech's still image compression delivers high quality image at high speed and small size. A competitive advantage is the ability to provide identifiable images for browsing at an incredible 500:1 compression ratio (0.2% of original image size). It provides ten times faster encoding than JPEG 2000, superior visual quality at all compression ratios, progressive file structure (all compression ratios available from a single file). One currently available version is specifically designed to handle extremely large images (up to 16 GB) with zoom capability down to the pixel level. This version provides superior analysis capability for medical and satellite images because, unlike competitive digital zooms, there is no interpolation, additions or other distortions of the original image.

KT-Tech provides "anywhere, anytime, any bandwidth video and audio" making all narrowband and broadband networks work better and deliver information faster by creating virtual bandwidth to provide unsurpassed visual and audio quality.

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