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KT-Tech's patented still-image compression technology brings the promises of JPEG-2000 to today's marketplace. Unlike JPEG-2000, licensing KT-Tech's image codec is easy since KT-Tech is the sole owner of its compression algorithms. KT-Tech's image algorithm has the following capabilities:

Progressive (embedded) encoding
10 times faster than JPEG 2000
Lossless encoding capability
Graceful degradation for wireless delivery
Region of interest (ROI) delivery

KT-Still Meets These Challenges

Bandwidth Frustrations: KT-Still’s breakthrough compression means dramatically faster image transfers and KT-Still’s incremental download feature means near instantaneous display

Storage Costs: KT-Still’s compression advances mean many more images of better quality can be stored less expensively; KT-Still’s Master File Format also means that redundant images can be eliminated.

Database Management Complexity: KT-Still’s Master File Format also delivers far greater database efficiency (and lower costs); also delivers unlimited number of images from single master KT-Still file, which enables “pricing by the byte”

KT-Still vs. JPEG Compression Performance Comparison

At greater compression ratios, KT-Still demonstrates dramatic quality improvement over JPEG

KT-Still: Visually Lossless at > 20:1 Compression

KT-Still engine recognizes all visual data in uncompressed formats (such as TIFF) and stores it far more efficiently.

For example, KT-Still 1.4 MB is visually indistinguishable at any resolution from a 33MB TIFF.

The following images demonstrate KT-Tech's still compression capability. These images were compressed with KT-Tech and JPEG to the same file size. In order to display the KT-Tech images on the web, they have been translated back to high-quality JPEG.

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