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October 23 2007 LAPTOP Magazine

KT-Tech Debuts First Real-Time Videoconferencing for Cell Phones

KTvid puts smooth, two-way videoconferencing in your pocket.

By Joanna Stern LAPTOP Magazine
Posted: 23.10.2007
AT&T's Video Share service seems like an old pair of shoes after KT-Tech today announced its mobile videoconferencing service, KTvid, a service that enables real-time, high-quality videoconferencing on cell phones and mainstream cellular networks. KTvid uses advanced image compression to deliver real-time, two-way videoconferencing on mobile phones. The service doesn't require a high-bandwidth 3G cellular network to deliver usable person-to-person videoconferencing.
KTvid will also make it possible for handset manufacturers and carriers to deploy consumer-ready videoconferencing. The software runs on mobile phones and PDAs based on Windows Mobile Professional 5 and 6. The product doesn't require dedicated hardware and can operate on 2G (CDMA, GPRS/GSM) and 3G (EV-DO, EDGE) cellular networks, as well as on Wi-Fi/WiMax 802.x networks.
KT-Tech is exploring licensing agreements with handset manufacturers, wireless carriers, and chip manufacturers. Stay tuned for pricing and service plans.

GOMo News October 24, 2007

CTIA: KT-Tech and the great cameraphone swindle

Published on Wednesday, October 24th by admin
Rating: Backwards looking operators
By Tony Alton
I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Bao Ting Lerner just now at the KT-Tech stand. She stands out amongst much of the wireless industry purely because of the size of her brain – it seemingly occupies more real estate than most mobile companies’ campuses put together, having worked on the space program at NASA and a variety of other maths ‘stuff’ that this blogger will never understand’.
KT-Tech are currently punting about their new P2P video-conferencing app which works using deeply clever compression technology, allowing people to video call, without using a 3G network or a central server. They have however been stumped by the fact that every US operator so far has seemingly banned any handset with a forward facing camera, mounted on the front of the phone, which are commonplace elsewhere. Anyone know why? Answers on a postcard please.
This said I don’t fear for the future of KT-Tech as their technology seems to be sparking a flurry of interest from people wanting to suggest potential applications for delivery of all types of compressed rich media. The central technology seems to be way ahead of the current application and I think this is one which will evolve over time.

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